Betting on the Go – Mobile Gambling and Its Impact in 2024

Technavio projects that online gambling revenues will experience significant growth by 2024. This trend can be attributed to new technology and attractive bonuses; additionally, many states set aside part of sports betting revenue as an anti-gambling solution.

At present, sports betting is legal in 37 states and Washington DC; however, an attempt at legalization via ballot in California failed due to insufficient support from Native American tribes.

Live dealer games

Live dealer games provide an exciting casino-like experience without leaving home. Available 24/7, these games feature real people dealing cards, spinning wheels and spinning roulette as you watch all of the action unfold – giving players the feeling that they are actually present at a casino!

Although online casinos attempt to prove the fairness of their RNG games, skeptics will only ever be fully convinced once they can experience first-hand how the results are determined through direct human contact with dealers and live dealer games are an ideal way to do just that – with many players already playing them and enjoying this new approach to online casino gaming!

Most live dealer games can be enjoyed using mobile devices and browsers; however, certain ones require specific computers meeting specific criteria in order to run the software properly. Players should make sure to review both minimum and maximum bet limits to ensure a comfortable playing experience.

Sports betting

Sports betting’s growing popularity has resulted in the creation of new mobile apps designed to give players an enhanced gaming experience. These apps allow them to follow live events and place bets real time while accessing a range of betting markets – increasing gambling engagement overall.

In 2022, the Women’s National Basketball Association experienced a significant surge in betting numbers and 2023 Women’s World Cup broke records for television viewership. This momentum encouraged leagues, media, and sportsbooks to provide unique experiences that engaged a broader base.

South Dakota currently only offers four casinos accepting sports bets; all are located in Deadwood. Over time, South Dakota lawmakers have proposed several bills that would legalize sports betting but no action has yet been taken; betting on in-state collegiate games or player prop bets remains prohibited; however, South Dakota should legalize online and mobile sports betting by 2024.

Payment options

One of the key trends in gambling industry is a shift toward cashless and digital payment solutions, driven by consumer preference for digital interactions across all aspects of life and accelerated by technological innovations that change how people use gaming platforms.

As the market expands, operators are finding innovative ways to make punting more accessible and enjoyable for players. Many sites now provide mobile applications allowing customers to instantly deposit money – these apps make punting even easier for those on-the-go!

Livestreaming also makes casino gambling easily accessible from home, but these advances don’t come without risks. Even though online betting may not be inherently addictive, excessive gambling may still have adverse consequences such as marital problems, bankruptcy and even suicide.


Mobile gambling is an ever-evolving market that can be directly attributed to smartphone usage and improvements in communication network infrastructure. Players have also increasingly turned towards online casinos for privacy and convenience reasons.

2024 is set to see online gaming platforms leverage artificial intelligence and data analytics to offer tailored user experiences. These features allow operators to evaluate user preferences, betting patterns and gaming history as well as provide real-time recommendations on games or bets that might appeal to individual players.

As more states legalize online casino play, iGaming will grow into a multi-billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, Hawaii still bans iGaming and COVID-19 has hindered growth within gambling – particularly affiliates who play an integral part in iGaming. As such, the formation of Responsible Gambling Affiliate Association was seen as a wake-up call by this industry; affiliates must be more responsible with their marketing practices to reduce player exposure to addictive risk factors.

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