Best Strategies for Winning at Multi-Hand Video Poker

No matter which variety of video poker you play, there are strategies that can help increase your odds of success. But these tactics vary for each game and may be difficult to remember.

Multi-hand versions of video poker offer players the unique chance to wager on multiple hands simultaneously, providing for an exciting and risky gaming experience. These titles can be particularly rewarding for those willing to take greater risks.

Betting intervals

Video Poker is a game of chance where the player plays against an automated machine that deals the cards and pays out when they have enough hands. Usually, this consists of two Jacks or better; however, there are various variations which require players to beat certain hands in order to win.

Multi-hand video poker variants are popular with those who like to wager multiple bets on each hand. Unfortunately, the variance of this type of game is significantly greater than in single-handed variations.

However, there are certain strategies you can apply to boost your winning chances. Let’s take a closer look at three of them below:

One of the best strategies for multi-hand video poker is to limit your bets. Doing this will help you maintain your bankroll and avoid going on a losing streak.


Multi-hand video poker differs from single-hand video poker in that its variance is much higher. While this may seem counterintuitive to some players, it actually serves them well.

High variance games are marked by big peaks and valleys in payouts, meaning you could experience hot streaks and cold streaks simultaneously.

Therefore, selecting a multi-hand game with low variance is essential. Doing so will keep your bankroll steady and prevent those devastating losing streaks from ruining both your finances and enjoyment of the game.

Additionally, the number of plays also influences the variance level in a multi-hand game. This can be an effective way to boost your winnings and enjoy more thrilling action.

Payback percentages

One of the best strategies for winning at Multi-Hand Video Poker is playing games that boast high payout percentages. These are usually those that reward more for a royal flush or four of a kind than any other hand.

Another way to find the highest payback percentages is by comparing online single-hand and multi-hand casino versions of a game. While their real money paytables may differ slightly, this comparison can serve as an indicator as to which variation is worth playing.

Many players who play video poker switch from single-hand games to multi-hand variations in order to diversify their gameplay. Unfortunately, this can also increase the risk of losing money quickly and depleting their bankrolls sooner.


Recreational video poker players tend to favor the multi-hand variants of the game as they offer them more “action”. However, these games can also prove quite risky for beginners.

Multi-hand video poker requires more wagers per hand than single-handed games, so if you aren’t skilled at strategy play, your losses could be greater.

Some multi-hand games also offer the Double Up feature, which multiplies winning hands. This can be an excellent way to increase your profits quickly.

Multi-hand games require you to consider the variance, or how much your bankroll fluctuates between profits and losses. The higher the number of hands played, the greater this variance becomes in a given game.

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