Roulette Table Layout Monaco Style

There are two basic types of roulette table layouts: American and French. Each of these table styles has its own benefits and drawbacks. European and American styles feature a smaller layout and more betting options. American style roulette tables are more common, but they can still be popular in European casinos. French roulette is popular in Europe because of its high payouts. Besides its attractive design, European roulette offers a more authentic casino experience.

The traditional French style roulette table has a wheel in the center and a layout on each side. Outside bets have smaller payouts, but better odds. If the zero comes up, all outside bets lose. You can also place a bet on a color, range, or type. Besides the number itself, you can also place bets on the number of the dozen. The first dozen are called the “Douzaine” and the third dozen are referred to as the “Dernière douzaine”.

The double-zero wheel was first used in the late 1700s in popular French novels and games. The original layout of the roulette wheel had two zeros. The single-zero version of the wheel debuted in 18th century Bad Homburg, Germany, where the brothers Francois and Louis Blanc operated a successful casino. The single-zero layout greatly reduced the house edge and drove gamblers to their establishment.

If you are new to playing roulette, consider choosing a style of table. The European-style tables have different layouts, so you can choose one that suits you best. If you’re new to the game, you might want to choose a different layout with fewer betting options. The traditional layout includes more betting options. If you prefer a more French-style table, try placing your bets on red or black.

When it comes to betting, you have a few options. There are even-money bets and outside bets. Inside bets involve picking the number of pockets with specific color or a small range based on proximity, while outside bets place bets on a category of numbers. These bets are best for beginners and novices, as they offer lower payouts. The outside bets are more conservative.

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