Responsible Gambling Initiatives

Responsible gambling initiatives are a cornerstone of the hospitality industry’s dedication to customer safety and social responsibility. These initiatives utilize cutting-edge technology, effective staff training, educational materials for customers, as well as funding evidence-based research.

In 2022, a new initiative will use data captured from online wagering platforms to identify problem gambling patterns. Operators will then direct those players who exhibit warning signs towards help and intervention services.


The SLGA strives to promote responsible gambling initiatives throughout the province, including community liaison and education activities. This includes being a member of the Canadian Responsible Gaming Association, offering responsible video lottery terminal (VLT) training for site owners and operators, supporting provincial-wide Report Impaired Drivers campaigns, as well as working with municipal and police forces to reduce alcohol-related harm.

The SLGA oversees beverage alcohol licensing, issuing liquor permits that enable event hosts to recoup their costs of providing alcohol service at their event. These can be obtained for public or private family celebrations like pre-wedding parties but mustn’t be advertised publicly.

SLGA also administers charitable gaming, awarding grants to non-profit organizations for the operation of games of chance and bingo. Organizations receiving a grant must conduct their gaming events and submit financial reports to SLGA according to the terms and conditions of their grant agreement.


The Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling (CPRG) is a national, member-driven initiative to foster research, education and policy development in responsible gambling. It was formed by representatives from multiple Canadian provinces.

Its mission is to offer a platform for members to collaborate and exchange information. Additionally, it provides professional development opportunities to its members.

This organization is developing a responsible gaming initiative that utilizes data collected from online wagering platforms to detect problem gambling patterns and identify players who could benefit from assistance.

Contrary to the self-exclusion system many operators currently employ, this new program will give specialized responsible gaming experts direct access to patrons who exhibit warning signs of problem gambling.

It will provide users with resources and a video tutorial on responsible gaming, which must be watched before continuing play on the platform.

Media Campaigns

Responsible gambling initiatives often involve media campaigns designed to initiate conversations about gambling among gamblers, establishments and wider stakeholders such as policy makers or the general public.

Operators must have these conversations in order to ensure players comprehend responsible gambling and how it can be done safely. Furthermore, it provides education on the potential hazards associated with gambling and how best to reduce them.

It is essential that players do not become addicted to online casino or sports betting activities and end up spending money they don’t have, leading them to do harm to their families and lives. To prevent this from occurring, make sure that the online casino or sportsbook you choose provides several responsible gambling tools like time limits and deposit limits. These measures help keep play safe while still allowing for an enjoyable experience.


Gambling addiction is a serious issue in the United States, with nearly one percent of adults having an issue. Fortunately, it’s possible to catch this problem early and prevent it from getting out of hand.

If someone does have an issue, there are resources to help them get back on track. These include treatment services, education programs and research studies.

Additionally, responsible gambling initiatives that educate young people are necessary. Estimates indicate that around 1.7% of children and teenagers in England, Scotland and Wales are problem gamblers.

BetMGM has pledged $180,000 to fund research projects at the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG). Researchers can submit proposals on topics such as responsible gambling, advertising and the convergence between video games and online gambling, with all funds going towards helping educate young people about potential dangers associated with betting.

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